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Arigo Technologies launches digital mall

Leading company in electronic commerce and technological innovation; Arigo Technologies has launched what could be described as the largest digital mall in Africa.

The digital shopping center that can be accessed through is an online marketplace with thousands of products and services, which brings together buyers and sellers. Arigo, the platform that allows sellers to interact directly with buyers, is the largest digital market in the entire African continent.

Arigo is a solid online marketing market that intends to address the difficulties associated with producers or service providers, reaching its customers and the customer, without problems and also with buyers, having direct access to the people who sell or They offer the exact services they need.

The exclusive e-commerce center works so that sellers and service providers register and subscribe in Arigo, then they are assigned their own full space, as a subweb that they manage and load what they offer and at what price, as who rents a store in an open market and shows its products.

However, in the case of Arigo, the virtual space occupied by vendors is free because “we want to encourage our people to move with changing times. Very soon, most people will not need to go to an open market.

The world is changing and the future of the market is digital, this even gives sellers the rare advantage of selling to any buyer anywhere in the world, ”said recently the managing director of Arigo in Lagos.

In a brief talk with journalists in Lagos earlier this week, the Managing Director of Arigo Technologies spoke about some of the features integrated in the digital mall that make it the best and only; “Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Arigo is highly secure and enjoys sophisticated digital protection more suitable for a digital market.

In addition, as payments will be made through the platform, we have made the entire transaction safe for both the buyer and the seller, therefore, buyers and sellers can carry out commercial transactions from anywhere in the world without any type of default “.

Speaking later, he commented that Arigo is different from all e-commerce and classified sites due to the fact that Arigo is a digital market, which gives users the freedom to place classified ads and also use it for e-commerce, which is Totally different from what you can find on other e-commerce platforms.

Arigo comes with a unique tool that routinely verifies all companies with a special feature such as a yellow page listing all the companies in Nigeria. In addition, Arigo comes with integrated stores such as free stores, advanced stores, premium stores and is also open for business owners to buy their own personalized stores.

Another unique feature of Arigo is that buyers can make commercial transactions directly with the seller, eliminating intermediaries.

“We will help businesses grow, we want to give all businesses the opportunity to reach their potential and potential customers worldwide,” said the MD.

The digital market, by far, is the now and future of commercial transactions worldwide and Africa will not be left behind.