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Arewa pastors speak on Buhari ‘Islamizing’ Nigeria, being behind killings

The National Chairman, Arewa Pastors Non-denominational Initiative for Peace, Bishop Abu Richard, has said President Muhammadu Buhari was not the reason for the killings in Nigeria.

Richard made this known while preparation reporters on pre-swearing-in Prayer Meeting on Saturday in Abuja. Richard approached Nigerians the two Christians and Muslims to keep on petitioning God for a superior government in the following four years of Buhari’s organization.

He communicated bitterness over the kidnappings and killings in the nation, prompted Buhari and security agents to be proactive as opposed to receptive to maintain a strategic distance from an emergency.

The pastor, who is likewise the author Warriors of Christ Cathedral in Port Harcourt, lauded the social occasion for their tranquil activities, humble demeanor and pledge to national solidarity.

“The allegation of Islamization by previous President Olusegun Obasanjo is profoundly condemnable. As an offspring of God and by my introduction, the President can’t Islamize Nigeria with the Vice President, who is a Christian.

“President Buhari isn’t the reason for these killings. The more significant part of these killings has been going on before he took over power. That is the reason we have fasted today and asked that God ought to fortify him.

“We likewise approach the security offices to put in more endeavors to stop these killings, and we appeal to God for a decent ninth National Assembly that will almost certainly work with the administration of the day with excellent strategies to build up this nation.

“We appeal to God for Buhari to improve as he will be confirmed for the second residency. From his announcement and all that we have been hearing, we trust that through God, he will perform better.”

He implored that God should give the countries caring pioneers like the President, people of astuteness and comprehension; pioneers who might not make God’s kin blunder.

“Father, concede us insightful pioneers whose hearts will be set to know, look out and look for natural shrewdness. To realize that underhandedness is indiscretion; to see the expressions of comprehension; to get the guidance of equity, judgment, and value,” he asked.

Religious administrator Musa Kastina, the National Secretary of the gathering supplicated that God should concede the President the capacity to recognize the exemplary direction and the beguiling advice of the naughty.

Kastina said that God would enable the President to encircle himself with noble people who might give him sound counsel.

“May government dividers and structures far and wide be loaded up with insightful direction and comprehension,” he asked.