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Archbishop defends firing gay teacher in US Catholic school

Archbishop Charles Thompson has protected the choice of an Indianapolis Catholic school to fire an educator since they were in an equal sex marriage.

Not long ago, it developed that the Cathedral High School had terminated a gay educator so the school could keep its “Catholic personality.”

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Ecclesiastical overseer Thompson had stripped another Indianapolis school of is “Catholic personality” when they would not go along, albeit in the long run they likewise surrendered.

In a letter considering why the educator was terminated, the Cathedral High School stated: “Ecclesiastical overseer Thompson clarified that Cathedral’s proceeded with work of an instructor in an open,

same-sex marriage would result in our relinquishing our Catholic character because of our practice of an individual living in inconsistency to Catholic instructing on marriage.

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“Furthermore, we would lose the benefit of saving the Blessed Sacrament in our’s sanctuary. Church has been a Catholic school for as far back as 100 years, and our Catholic confidence is at the center of our identity and what we educate at Cathedral.

“This isn’t a witch chase, we don’t go searching for these circumstances,” said Archbishop Thomas. “When they are drawn out into the open [… ] it is my obligation, my obligation, to administer the living of the confidence, particularly for our pastoral observers.”

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Advocating the choice, he stated: “It is about the living circumstance, it’s not the direction. We would do something very similar if it were somebody cohabitating.”

A year ago, a Catholic priest in Ohio was terminated from his situation after he enjoyed a post on Facebook in which his companion was praising his five-year wedding commemoration with his equivalent sex accomplice. He had additionally shared an image of himself at another equivalent sex wedding.

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Keith Kozak disclosed to News 5 Cleveland: “They [his chief and somebody from HR] sat me down and they said we had seen a few things on Facebook and Twitter and that might want to converse with you about that.