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Anambra indigenes in India decry increasing trafficking of Nigerian girls for prostitution

Anambra indigenes living in India have communicated stress over the rising number of young Nigerian ladies brought into the nation for prostitution, saying that the peculiarity has arrived at its tallness.

Mr. Ikenna Aniagboso, a part Anambra Association in New Delhi, India, expressed this in an ongoing radio meeting, observed by GISTOK.

Aniagboso, who talked on Anambra Broadcasting Service, ABS, said most little youngsters of somewhere in the range of 14 and 18 years were being dealt into India under the pretense of giving them occupations, yet they end up like whores.

He stated, “This new pattern is giving Anambra individuals living in India a reason for concern. Nearly every day, little youngsters are safeguarded and taken to the Nigerian Embassy in New Delhi.

“That is the reason we chose to return home to illuminate our kin not to succumb to tricks by some human dealers who guarantee guardians work for their little girls, to take them to India for prostitution.

“Indians like dark ladies and you realize that particularly here in Anambra, our ladies have full shapes that energize Indians. The new pattern among Indians is that once they bring a dark young lady home, they call their companions to come and go along with them. This is so embarrassing for us who live and work truly there.”

Aniagboso said that by and large, the dealt young ladies are made to continue working until the individual that carried them to the nation has recuperated their costs made on them and furthermore made benefit of a million Naira before the young lady is permitted to work for themselves.

He approached the state government likewise to intercede while calling for severe cross-examination by guardians before tolerating to give away they develop little girls to be taken abroad.