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Afenifere reveals implications of Buhari govt’s move

The Yoruba socio-social association, Afenifere, on Sunday condemned the Federal Government for reporting the foundation of itinerant radio, being seen in certain quarters as a recurrence for the Fulani.

Afenifere’s representative, Yinka Odumakin, in a restrictive meeting with GISTOK, said the activity was a risk sign to all Nigerians, beginning from different nationalities in the North.

Review that the Minister of Education, Adamu said the Federal Government had gained an Amplitude Modulation communicated radio permit to provide food for nomads as a component of endeavors to end enduring ranchers herders’ conflicts.

In any case, Odumakin expressed that such a foundation could prompt annihilation, and reviewed how radio was utilized to advance destruction in Rwanda that prompted the loss of thousands of lives.

As indicated by Odumakin: “It’s the unique type of exemption, in your face attack and it’s a yellow card to different nationalities in Nigeria by the Federal Government to state that look the last hour is drawing closer.

“At the point when the government of Nigeria gain a permit to advance a language Fulani that isn’t an official language in Nigeria, realize that there is an inconvenience.

“The constitution of Nigeria says that the exercises of the National Assembly can be led in English, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba, presently Fulfude is a language verbally expressed by a minority in the North, and most Northerners don’t comprehend the word so when Federal government set up a Radio to advance such language which has been asserted as to be the individuals who need to Fulanize West Africa at that point there is issue.

“With the arrangement of the central character in Federal Government foundation, will Fulani utilize Igbo and Yoruba and different clans, not Fulfude?

“We are concerned in light of the fact that this was the means by which Radio Rwanda was utilized to advance detest discourse against the Tutsy and around then, the then President of Rwanda and his significant other set up a radio to talk just to Hutus on where the Tutsies can be found and assaulted, and this prompted such vast numbers of lives being lost.

“This activity is a threat sign to different nationalities in Nigeria, and that was the reason it was as of late inquired as to whether we are managing the Fulani Republic of Nigeria rather than Federal Government of Nigeria?”